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This e-book is a timeless calendar for Portuguese learners

Word of the Day (Portuguese/English)

  • Do you want to learn or refresh your Portuguese?

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    And have fun learning one word a day, followed by four example sentences for the next 366 days!

    Word of the Day was designed to make it easy for you to learn, revise, retain, improve or refresh your Portuguese.

    Word of the Day is a bilingual book. All example phrases are in Portuguese and translated into English. Therefore, this book is ideal for English speakers who are learning Portuguese as foreign language. 

    Word of the Day will teach you many useful Portuguese words, phrases and sentences used every day in Brazil. In addition, it will help you increase your Portuguese vocabulary, improve your reading and comprehension skills.

    Word of the Day can be used as a timeless calendar so you can start on any page at any time. 

    Much effort has gone into putting this book together and I really hope you will have fun learning one Portuguese word, followed by four example sentences, for the next 365 days.

    As a native speaker and teacher of Brazilian Portuguese, I focus on Brazilian Portuguese, however this bookcan also be useful for people who are learning European or Continental Portuguese. 

    E-Book (PDF), 388 pages, Second Edition - May 2019

      This book will help you

    • Learn common words used every day

    • Better understand words in context

    • Improve your Portuguese overall

    US$ 19.99


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    "I have been using this ebook now for a few months and I'm super happy with what I'm learning. Each day there is a new word, and a number of examples on how to use the word. I find it really useful for studying. I read on my way to and from work or when I travel and try to put into practice every occasion I get. Muito Bom!"

    Jeff, Australia