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This e-book is a handy guide for people who want to improve their communication skills

Brazilian Portuguese Phrases (Portuguese/English)

  • Do you want to improve your communication skills?

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    And speak better Portuguese instantly!

    Brazilian Portuguese Phrases is a handy and practical reference guide to small talk and simple conversation. 

    Brazilian Portuguese Phrases is packed with essential phrases used in everyday conversation by Brazilian Portuguese native speakers. This book also includes useful remarks and cultural notes at the end of every chapter to help you understand better the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture.

    Brazilian Portuguese Phrases is suitable for most learners, ranging from beginners, who need it most, to advanced students who want to improve their conversational skills or just refresh their Portuguese. 

    All example phrases are in Portuguese and also translated into English. Therefore, this book is ideal for English speakers.

    As a native speaker and teacher of Brazilian Portuguese, I focus on Brazilian Portuguese, however this book can also be useful for people who are learning European or Continental Portuguese.

    Brazilian Portuguese Phrases will help you communicate with confidence in every situation.

    E-Book (PDF), 192 pages, First Edition - October 2018

      This book will help you

    • Improve your communication skills

    • Improve your comprehension skills

    • Get by in your next trip to Brazil

    US$ 14.99


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    "This book is fantastic! I had been using Duolingo to learn Portuguese, but I struggled to pick up useful phrases, with a trip to Brazil fast approaching I found this book to be my best travel companion. Easy to use and full of useful phrases you can actually use. It is written by a Brazilian, so you know you are getting the local language and common phrases."

    Jeff, Australia

    "This book is very practical in a sense that there are many example phrases you can memorize and use directly in every day conversation. Good for beginners."

    Yohsuke, Japan