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This e-book is a handy guide to common words related to the coronavirus

Coronavirus Vocabulary (Portuguese/English) 

  • Coronavirus has affected the whole world.  

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    And learn words related to coronavirus and increase your vocabulary. 

    Coronavirus Vocabulary (Portuguese & English) is a handy guide to help you learn some common vocabulary related to the coronavirus that you may have seen in the newspapers and heard on the news and in daily conversations during the coronavirus outbreak, which has affected the whole world.  

    This bilingual booklet covers essential vocabulary related to the coronavirus outbreak and it can be used as a reference guide. The words are organised in different topics and in alphabetical order so that you can easily find the words you need. 

    Coronavirus Vocabulary (Portuguese & English) will be useful for people who are learning Portuguese and want to expand their vocabulary and improve their comprehension and communication skills. 

    E-Book (PDF), 12 pages, First Edition - April 2020

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      This book will help you

    • Learn common words related to Coronavirus

    • Improve your comprehension skills

    • Increase your vocabulary

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    Who is this book for? 

    This book is very useful for intermediate to advanced students who are reading the news in Portuguese. It may also be very helpful for anyone who is learning Portuguese as a second language and eager to increase their vocabulary and improve their Portuguese overall.