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This e-book is a complete and concise reference to master Portuguese Grammar and Verbs

Portuguese Grammar

  •  Do you want to learn all about Portuguese grammar? 

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    And learn how the Portuguese language is structured in short and easy-to-read sections.

    Portuguese Grammar is a self-study grammar book, written for use without a teacher. It is intended for students who are learning Portuguese as a second language and need a complete, clear, simple and practical grammar handbook for reference.

    Portuguese Grammar will be useful for beginners for whom it provides a foundation, advanced students who just want to brush up their Portuguese and teachers as a reliable reference and additional course material. It is divided into two parts. It is two books in one: Portuguese Essential Grammar & All About Portuguese Verbs.

    Part I covers all the essential aspects of Portuguese grammar and it contains a list of often confused and misused words, an invaluable reference for all students of Portuguese.

    Part II covers all the essential aspects of Portuguese verbs. It is divided into four chapters. The first chapter presents an introduction to Portuguese verbs; the second chapter presents Portuguese tenses in more detail; the third chapter presents tables of regular and irregular verbs conjugated in all tenses and the fourth chapter presents a list of approximately 850 Portuguese verbs, sorted into groups according to their special characteristics.

    Portuguese Grammar presents a simple description of the language focusing on current usage. All topics are organized in grammatical categories and into short, easy-to-read sections, so it can be used selectively and flexibly according to need. Each topic focuses on a particular point of grammar, which is illustrated with clear and simple sentences used in everyday conversation between Brazilians. A broad and detailed table of contents provides quick access to those points you need often or find difficult.

    Portuguese Grammar is a valuable tool to help you understand how the Portuguese language is structured. 

    E-Book (PDF), 225 pages, Revised Edition - September 2022

      This book will help you

    • Learn all about Portuguese grammar and verbs

    • Understand how to use Portuguese verbs

    • Learn to master Portuguese verbs

    US$ 19.99


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    "This is a must-have for anyone seriously about learning (and mastering!) Portuguese. I have been teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language for almost 15 years, both in Brazil and in the United States, and I have seen a lot of books out there. None can match Sonia's Grammar Book when it comes to side-by-side comparison of Portuguese and English, in regards to grammar use, vocabulary (including phrasal verbs, slangs and expressions), and lots of examples! Sonia's Grammar is a great reference book for any student to have, you can easily find the explanation for that complicated verb tense or for those tricky prepositions hard to translate such as POR vs PARA. This book makes learning grammar fun!"


    "I bought the book a few years ago mainly because I liked the website I stumbled upon and suspected that if the free content had that quality then the book would not let me down, and it did not. I have tried a lot of Portuguese reference books both at local bookstores and on Amazon, but this one has a great clarity that reflect the obvious fact that the author has a lot of experience as a language teacher. Worth it!"


    "Estou gostando dos materiais. Até agora completei as primeiras 20 lições. É uma boa revisão por mim e também estou aprendendo as regras de gramática. Tem muitas coisas que digo corretamente mas não sabia porque."