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Testimonials for Sonia's Portuguese Course

I would like to share more comments I received over the years from people who have bought Sonia's Portuguese Course in the past and I'm really happy to know that my course has helped so many people.  

“Practice makes perfect”

Sonia's Portuguese Course has 50 lessons, over 450 short authentic real-life dialogues and numerous interactive exercises (nearly 200) for practicing Brazilian Portuguese and improving your language skills.

This is the best Portuguese course I have ever bought. It is far superior to Rosetta Stone. I have tried Pimsleur, Berlitz, Living Language, and Transparent Language. A student can actually become fluent with this set. I wish I had found it years ago. I purchased the Portuguese course plus grammar book set. The grammar book is phenomenal. It's a must buy. Amanda (Kingman, AZ, USA)

So far (lesson 8), I love your course. Greg (Troy, Michigan, USA)

Even more than ever, I value your book and course. I certainly wish I had started with it. I just wish I knew of people wanting to learn Portuguese so that I could steer them to your work. Marc (Nashville, TN, USA)

The book and the CD rom are great and very helpful. I wanted to further express how great your CD rom is. I think it is the best out there (much better than my experience with Rosetta Stone). Thanks, Frank (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I ordered both your grammar book and your CD course a few months ago, and am really enjoying them. I've studied all 3 Pimsleur courses in Brazilian Portuguese, so I've started to develop a bit of an ear for the language, but, as I'm sure you know, Pimsleur teaches fairly limited vocabulary, very little grammar, and no writing at all (although the reading practices have been helpful). Anyway, your course seems incredibly thorough, and exactly the resource I wish I had had when I started trying to learn Portuguese a few years ago! Well, it's never too late.... Linda (Irving, Texas, USA)

I ordered your CD-ROM course and grammar book about a month ago. I'm a native speaker of English and I'm also fluent in Japanese, so I'm learning Portuguese as my third language. I love studying languages, learning about different cultures and meeting new people and Portuguese is the first European language (apart from English of course) I have tried seriously. My inspiration for learning Brazilian Portuguese came from meeting some beautiful Brazilian people and wanting to return the effort that I see them put into learning English. Brazil sounds like an amazing country and I want to go there as soon as I can. When I was looking around Perth for suitable Portuguese courses, I could not find any for Brazilian Portuguese, and the few Continental Portuguese courses I found seemed to be mass-produced formula courses that were basically just Spanish with the vocabulary changed. Also, I could not find any classes for Brazilian Portuguese, aside from private tuition which I thought was expensive and it was also difficult to find a reliable, qualified private teacher. It was really important for me to find a course that is specific to Brazilian Portuguese and also provides in-depth explanations, as I wanted to learn beyond the basics to really be able to communicate effectively with my Brazilian friends from my heart, rather than just learning the minimum. Also, because I could find any good classes to take with a teacher, I wanted a course that is designed for self-study but does not compromise on the quality and depth of material covered. I decided to look on the Internet for any correspondence courses etc. and I found your website through a link from the Brazilian Consulate in Australia. I was very impressed with the quality of your web site's content and was quickly convinced that Sonia Portuguese was what I was looking for, so I promptly ordered your book and course. Your book and CD course were perfect for meeting all my requirements. The book is excellent in providing comprehensive explanations of any difficult points on the CD, so that I can learn to speak good Portuguese without a teacher. One suggestion though: in the grammar book it can be difficult to locate particular grammar structures using the contents page, as they are indexed using only their technical English terminology, rather than a colloquial translation. For example, use of "himself, herself, myself, yourself" is labeled only as "reflexive pronouns", which is difficult for native English speakers as we aren't really familiar with the technical terms for grammar, because we use the structures naturally and we generally aren't taught to identify them this way. However, I realize that using sophisticated terms is probably the most appropriate way of presenting the information. For me, the hardest aspect of Brazilian Portuguese is pronunciation and accent, especially the nasal sounds, but using the pronunciation guide and audio dialogues on the CD, and by talking with my Brazilian friends, I'm definitely improving. Also, I really value the message board, cartoon of the week and word of the week on your website, which are great resources for people learning the language. After one month of serious study I am making good progress. I would like to congratulate and thank you for doing a brilliant job. I know how invaluable good language teachers and resources are, and how difficult it can be to find them!! Could you please send me information about any future book publications? I will definitely buy them and will recommend your book and course to any Australians who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Muito obrigada! Parabens! Verity (Perth, Western Australia)

I like very much your CD-ROM course. I have also other CD-ROM course but because I didn't like it I bought your course. It's much better than the other one. Your course is very clear and grammar is described quite detailed. Pentti (Järvenkorvenkuja, Oulu, Finland)

Yes, I received the course. Thank you so much. I have already started it, and compared to some of the Spanish courses I have it is far superior. Regards, Ken (Citra, Florida, USA)

The course is excellent. I really like the tests. Although I have been studying for some time using other courses yours provides in-sight into things I didn't fully understand and makes it a very useful. I still use my other CD based course to listen to more Portuguese but yours is better, especially with the grammar book, for explaining why. Thanks, Andy (Hollis, NH, USA)

I like your program a lot, for me it is great because you explain the little rules that I do not fully understand. Tony (San Francisco, CA, USA)

I have started the course and I think that it is brilliant. I recognize, even after a few days, so many words and phrases which I have heard people speaking in Brazil. This is really rewarding. Best wishes, Robert (Treorchy, Rhondda, Wales, UK)

The book and CD-ROM have been brilliantly thought out and written. The amount of attention to detail has been given by someone who is passionate about teaching Portuguese and not just about making money. I will definitely be interested in any other books written by you. Collins (Laurel, MD, USA)

Excellent course. Thank you! Steve (Marietta, Georgia, USA)

I love the CD ROM and grammar book! It's been a big help to me in learning Portuguese. I love the way you explain things and speak so clearly on the CD. You make it easy to learn the pronunciation of words. Especially the nasal ones because that's not so easy for English speaking people to learn. Best Regards, Cathy (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Your book and CD course is simply great. It helped me a lot in learning Portuguese language. I recommend this course to every one who is new in the town and trying to learn Portuguese. Your web site is also wonderful. It has so much of information about different things that I’m not able to find anywhere else so far. Great work!!! (Smita Macaé, RJ, Brazil)

I really like your course and it's fun studying. I had to stop doing it temporarily because I have to study something for work right now which takes all of my available free time. But I'll continue as soon as I possibly can. Best regards, Silvia (Burbank, California, USA)

Thanks for the course. I received it just a few days ago and in the couple of lessons I have done it has helped me a lot more than other methods have. The Grammar Book is surprisingly helpful. It’s extremely useful for me because I can use it while I am not near any computer and I cannot use the course itself. Well thanks again for the course. Hopefully it should be of great help to me for my trip to Brazil next year. Regards, John (Bowral, New South Wales, Australia)

I have learned a lot more with your course and going at my speed than I have with private tutors and do not go to any of their classes anymore. Robert (UK)

I think your CD is an excellent tool. I had ordered and used the Rosetta Stone series and found it good only for vocabulary words and pronunciation; it didn't explain ANYTHING! Your CD explains the grammar rules clearly, has a very comprehensive pronunciation guide, vocabulary words, and good dialogue examples. If I hadn't know Spanish and had just used the Rosetta Stone CD to learn Portuguese I would have been so lost, frustrated, and confused; they only teach by throwing examples at you with no explanation. I truly think you have a better product, Sonia! My goal is to make more time to study Portuguese on my own with you course and eventually go to Brazil for a month to immerse myself in the language. I'll let you know how my progress goes. Take care, David (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I really like the book and CD. It’s in a logical format that I find easy to follow, and it’s fun and easy to use. I have gained much knowledge since I have purchased it. I find the cartoons and various exercises wonderful practice and it really is part of my life in my quest to learn Portuguese. I am doing well reading but have to speak to more native speakers. I have a few friends on Skype that help me and I help them with English. Leo do Canada

Your grammar book and CD have been wonderful! I am continuing to study and learn slowly but surely. I first started learning Brazilian Portuguese using Rosetta Stone. I soon realized that Rosetta Stone does not provide much grammar. I feel that it is really important to learn grammar and proper usage in order to feel confident speaking and reading Brazilian Portuguese. Thank you so much for such great products for learning and studying. I only wish I had friends to practice speaking with. Sincerely, Angela (Carmichael, CA, USA)

I actually just recommended your course to someone a few days ago. It is excellent, I especially appreciate the fact that it teaches the language of the everyday person, not just technically correct Portuguese. I do have to say that I am using it in conjunction (actually after using) Pimsleur's audio CD courses, and I think it dovetails perfectly - I think I would be overwhelmed with just learning your lessons from scratch, but with the background of Pimsleur it makes perfect sense and explains a lot deeper and better than Pimsleur ever did. I was looking for a course to continue learning and yours is perfect - I think I can probably just keep learning from your course and if I ever get it all into my head I'll never need another book! Please let me know when you get your "expressions" book done! Thanks again, Laurel (Driftwood, Texas, USA)

I have been delighted by the course and I am very happy with my purchase. I have done the Pimsleur Portuguese courses already so it was very useful to learn about some of the grammar rules which quite frankly Pimsleur is weak on. Your course has really helped to consolidate my understanding. I really think you have an excellent course and your hard work in putting it together shows. Regards, Inaam (Barnet, Hertfordshire, UK)

Your course is just wonderful. Well, I was using Pimsleur before I bought your course. Ever since I started using your course, I stopped using the Pimsleur course, because your course is more practical. It brings you down to everyday life in Brazil, which is what people need. See, we don't want to sound like we're speaking out of a textbook. At the same time, we want to be grammatically correct. And your course provides both. Thank you so much. Sincerely,Philip (South Ozone Park, NY, USA)

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the CD and book and I ordered from you. I am learning more than I ever thought I could, within a short period of time. I am up to lesson 10 now. Your teaching, plus my interactions with Brazilians in my area are helping to give me the confidence to speak and understand Portuguese better. Thanks, Lady J (Raleigh, NC, USA)

The Portuguese book and CD have been incredibly helpful. I completed the CD a couple of weeks ago and I have greatly improved my language skills. In my quest to perfect my Portuguese, I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know how I could obtain the Portuguese Verbal Idioms book. Thank you very much. Regards, Edwin (Brooklyn, NY, USA)  

Your course is the best available and I have always told fellow students of Portuguese that this is the case. Yours is the best because you have designed a course that is so well structured. Um abraco, Darren (Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK)     

I thank you for your materials. They are the best that I have found. Thanks, Judy (Aurora, Illinois, USA)

I have been studying with your course for a while and I have to say you have done a grand job, my Portuguese has improved immensely through your course, you have made it so easy to study and understand the complex language that is Portuguese. Thank you very much. I am grateful, valeu mesmo.Ralph (London, UK)

I'm not the fastest learner so your course and book allow me to proceed at my pace. I find myself going back and forth between lesson, book, and pronunciation. The audio files are great. I can repeat them as many times as I need to in order to get the correct pronunciation. For my needs the course and book is the right combination. I can't conceive of using one without the other. Before beginning your course I went through Pimsleur Language Program which provided me with some useful phrases. But because it was only auditory I didn't see what I was saying so that I would be able to read Portuguese it didn't meet my needs. Your course and book provide me with what I need so that I'll be able to read speak and understand Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks for taking the time to put this course together. Sincerely, Philip (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

It's going well so far. I just finished lesson 10 tonight. The exercises after each lesson are quite helpful as well. I found the audio in your course to be authentic as one would hear spoken in Brazil. I had studied with Cortina's Brazilian Portuguese course over the past year. They include a large amount of recorded conversation in their lesson, but the speakers leave much to be desired. When I would practice with a Brazilian friend, I could barely understand the words they were saying even though I knew them. It would be nice to have more recorded conversations for each lesson. Hearing as many new words as possible makes it easier to understand someone when speaking in Portuguese. It's refreshing to see that your course includes all the little things that are done with spoken and written Portuguese. Most other books/lessons won't mention anything of para a = pra and other terms like cade or sera que. The grammar book has been helpful as well. Since I have studied a bit already, I found the common phrases to be most useful. There are many phrases you can't use a translator to get the Portuguese equivalent and I found just about everything I needed in that book. Thanks, Kyle (Rollinsville, CO, USA)

Thanks for a great course and grammar book - I have been using it for two months now and find them a very effective learning aid. Muito obrigado,Robert (Dalgety Bay, Fife, UK)

The book is amazing from the first couple of pages that I was able to go over last night. The course, from the little that I did, is put together in such a great way. Thank you for the hard work you put into setting this up for those of us that need or want to learn the language. Have a great day! Luis (Culver City, CA, USA)

I have used your material quite a lot. And it's been very helpful. My Portuguese is getting so much better. Regards, Anders (Vera Cruz, Bahia, Brazil)

I have reached Lesson 30 and have found your material very useful and satisfactory, both the CD and the grammar. I find your grammar to be very practical and answering my questions most of the time, the dialogues and conversations on the CD very good for practice in pronunciation and usage of the language, and the lessons and exercises well constructed. Overall, your course is giving me much of what I need to learn the basics of the language. Thanks for producing such a well designed course. Hans

O seu curso é ótimo! Agora eu posso falar com os brasileiros. Fui no Brasil duas vezes e falei só em portugues. Obrigado, JF (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

I have received your the CD-ROM course and Grammar book. I have gone through the first 10 lessons, and the complete Grammar book more than once. That was The Best Material I have ever come across. The audio is excellent. That has really helped me hone my pronunciation and phonetics. The phonetics, lessons, interactive exercises, cartoon clips, vocabulary, phrases and everything that you have published is of Excellent Quality. You must have really put your heart and soul in making such great effort and research to publish those books. With Best Regards, Ram (Bryn Mawr, PA, USA)

I think your course and book have been a fantastic help. The course is very well structured, where each level seems to naturally progress onto the next level. I don't think a lot of the other books on the market are as well designed as yours - certainly none of the book I have seen. I really like the conversations as well. My only request is that it would be nice to hear some conversations with regional accents. Apart from that, I can't find any faults. Many thanks & well done, Darren (Leigh, Kent, UK)

I absolutely love both cd and the book!!!!! My Brazilian friends are amazed how fast I'm learning. It's all because of your book and especially cd!!! Anybody that purchases the cd should purchase the book, too! It helps to clarify certain questions that arise with lessons. I recommended your website to a Brazilian family whose children only speak Portuguese but don't read and write. Thank you very much again. I am very grateful to you! Take care, Brankica (Kansas City, MO, USA)

I am very satisfy with all your stof both the CD and the book. I have try other but yours are the most complete and very instruktive. So I train very much with your Lessons and hope one day I can use it. Yours Uffe (Greenland, GR)

I love the course. I do about 1/2 hours every day. The course is great, and I am learning more with it than what I learned at college. Jan (Slough, Berkshire, England)

The book & CD have been fantastic! Hoping to be able to use the new knowledge in Angola next year.  Love the lessons on the CD, very helpful. Obrigado!John (Houston, Texas, USA)

Your CD-Rom and book helped me a lot. Thanks. Sincerely, Ozgur (Ankara, Turkey)

I visited Fortaleza Ceara, Brazil and the program was very helpful. My friends in Brazil were very surprised that I could understand and carry the conversation. Thank you, David (Leonia, NJ, USA)

I would just like to say that I appreciate your wonderful site/course/cd-rom and how much it has helped me to learn portuguese. For a complete beginner, it is the most helpful resource on the market. I look forward to any future publications and I hope you will continue providing us all with information about Brazilian portuguese. Obrigado por tudo, Tony (West Haven, CT, USA)

I am enjoying it very well, it is well put together and the lessons on the cd are clear and concise. Rohan (Doral, Florida, USA)

I am very happy with the book and the course. As my wife tells me I have made very good progress since I started using your course. Next June we will leave Australia to live in Brazil for a few years and my knowledge of Portuguese will be very handy. I am sure that you agree with me when I say that nothing is better than to live in the country to learn the language. For the course and grammar book I can recommend it highly as it gave me a lot more than just the basics of the language. Further more it is very enjoyable to learn from it. Thank you very much, Hans-Joachim (Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia)

I enjoyed using your book and course and have learnt a lot from them. I think that I understand most of the grammar, but I need to work on expanding my vocabulary. I receive a lot of support and practice from my Brazilian wife. We are going to Brazil in December and I am very excited about speaking Portuguese with my in-laws. Tchau e muito obrigado! Joe (Tamarac, Florida, USA)

I have been using the CD-ROM and grammar book for some time, and I find it extremely well done and very useful. It is exactly what I was looking for to help me go beyond basic conversational practice courses. I would highly recommend it to others interested in learning Portuguese. Best regards, Steve (Elmira, NY, USA)

I purchased your Portuguese Language course a few months ago and I am enjoying it very much. This is one of the best self-study courses available. I am interested in purchasing your other three books listed on your website. Please let me know when they are available. Thanks, Benny (Manassas, VA, USA)

I purchased your complete course CD and book and I am enjoying it very much. Suzanne (Longmeadow, MA, USA)

The course and book have been excellent. Thank you very much indeed. Regards, Malcolm (Tarbet, Argyll, Scottland)

I have found your course very easy to use and the lessons are very helpful. The sound files I think are an excellent assistance when practicing pronunciation. I have just started a TESOL course here in Brisbane (Australia) and I think the design of your course and the language tools you have used are logical and easy to follow. I hope to teach conversational English in Brazil later this year, so I am looking forward to being able to talk with Brazilians and improve my Portuguese. Thanks very much for your help. Regards, Graham (Keperra, Queensland, Australia)

I have received the book and the course. I have to say that this is the best. I love the layout of the book. P.S. It was worth the price. Thank you so much,Javier (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

I appreciate so much that you have written one perfect course for us, which is the best course for learning one foreign language I have seen. I bought your course and grammar book at the beginning of this year and I have finished learning 32 lessons. I believe that the learning will be very useful. When you have published your new books, please mail me. I am anxiously waiting for them. Yours sincerely, Shan Zhi Guo (Nang Jing, China).

Thank you for your wonderful course and materials. After four years of picking up Portuguese through conversations, subtitles, and a dictionary, I am really ready for your course. My first hours spent reviewing the grammar book answered a million questions for me. Um abraço. Steven (Denver, CO, USA)

I can't thank you enough for the course. I purchased the CD one month prior to my trip to Salvador. Honestly, I only studied for one week prior to my departure. On arrival, I soon discovered that I needed to speak Portuguese right away. I used the book as a daily reference and because I was forced to speak only Portuguese, I learned so much! I am really amazed that I can express myself with basic sentences after only a week. Without your book I would have been really lost. I thank you so much. Now it is much easier to continue the course because I am familiar with the pronunciation and many words. I have also accepted a Brazilian exchange student to live with us for six months. She is from Tupa and will arrive January 23rd. I am certain that the next time we communicate it will be in Portuguese. Muito obrigado, Kevin (Baton Rouge, LA, USA)

I am very happy with your course/book. The computer course is challenging but very helpful. I find that it really breaks down some of the complexity of the Brazilian Portuguese language. It is hard for me to learn other languages and even my Brazilian friends admit that Portuguese is more complex than English. But your course has helped me a great deal (Especially the lesson exercises). It was money well spent! After I finally master the course, which will take some more time, I would be interested in possibly purchasing some of your other books that you are working on. Do you have any completed yet? Sincerely, Brad (Northwood, Ohio, USA)

Great so far…With your course I will be able to talk to my new in-laws pretty well I think. The course so far is wonderful. It's layed out in an easy way to digest. I am still in the pronunciation section which itself is so extensive. Obrigado Sonia! Scot (Portland, OR, USA)

I have thought hard on what to say with regards to feedback on your book. As a study aid I found excellent and extremely thorough and has proved excellent in both explaining the Portuguese grammar and as a reference point for words and phrases. A great study aid and exactly what I was looking for. Regards, Mike (Crewe, Cheshire, UK)

A lot of the people where I work are from Brazil. Some of them don't speak any English. Thanks to your course and book, I'm now able to communicate with them! Overall I found both the course and the CD-ROM very useful. Thanks! Alex (Acton, MA, USA)

I’m extremely pleased with the material and my own personal progress. Your course will be highly recommended by me to those I know that wish to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Thank you. Daniel (APO, Korea)

After the first day of listening to your program, just the intro alone is easy to follow and simple. This is a really great program. God bless! Pamela (Ft.Lauderdale, FL, USA)

I'm enjoying your course such a lot. It goes slowly, I'm currently studying lesson 7. I speak Dutch, English, Italian, German and French, but Portuguese doesn't come easy to me. My fiancee is Brazilian and talking Portuguese with her will help me a lot in getting more fluent. I love the way you have set up the course. The grammar book is very thorough too. Keep up the great work. John (Den Helder, Holland)

I enjoyed the CD course very much. It is well structured and easy to understand yet very comprehensive. The grammar book is a great reference! Regards,Yochi ( New York, NY, USA)

The book and CD-Rom have been great. I was really enthusiastic when I got back from Brazil and now, because of work, am having less and less time to follow it. But, because my girlfriend is coming next month I decided to get a teacher and concentrate on studying regularly. We are using the book all the time. Christian (Düsseldorf, Germany)

It has been great, I have been practicing and I am in the middle of the course now. I just wish I had more time, and for some strange reason practicing Portuguese helps me out with my Spanish. Thanks. Ron (Montgomery, Alabama, USA)

Truthfully, I have not been studying much lately but your program is what I really needed to reinforce what I learned while in Salvador last October. That was my first exposure to a "formal" learning environment and my first time studying grammar. I thought I could get around the grammar but now I see how necessary it is in order to master Portuguese. Your program is much more user friendly than the one I used in school. I really can't think how you could improve it. Sincerely, James (Pasadena, CA, USA)

I am delighted to say that I have received the course and I'm now making great progress. I am planning a visit to Salvador de Bahia in February for learning Portuguese and to experience the many wonders of Brazil. So in the meantime your course will help me to understand and get a grasp of the Portuguese language. Thank you once again for the course, your hard work is definitely appreciated here. Kind Regards, Carlos (Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

I love the course and grammar book and feel that they have greatly improved my Portuguese. Larry (Manhattan Beach, CA, USA)

I love your course! It is thorough and enjoyable. I’m acing the quizzes! You did a really wonderful job. The whole world should learn Portuguese!Respeitosamente, Padre Teodoro (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)

I'm on lesson 7 and I find it really helps and compliments the private lessons I'm taking. Adds a lot more vocab and makes me learn spelling instead of just conversation. You put a lot of work into it and I wanted to say thanks. I will use it a ton. Obrigada, Amy (Buena Vista, CO, USA)

I am VERY pleased with the material and I try to study every day! I have recommended your course to several friends of mine in Sweden. Karin (Bjaerred, Sweden)

I think your book is great and I also have the CD. I have been studying for about six months and feel I can carry on most any kind of conversation but would be limited only by lack of vocabulary. When communicating I am still actively translating in my head. I really need friends from Brazil to speak with on a regular basis. My listening is out pacing my speaking at this point. It is easy to find things to listen to but difficult to find people to talk with. Maybe I can meet more people on my next trip in December. Thanks for creating the site, grammar book and the CD. Thanks to your efforts I am on my way to fluency. Darryl (Naperville, IL, USA)

I received the book and CD-Rom and I have to say I am very impressed. Obviously a lot of time and thought went into the whole course. Darren (Leigh, Kent, UK)

Your course is very high quality. In particular I like the CD-ROM and the audio-files. The pronunciation is very important for me. Your course helps me to have more profit from what I learned during my visits (April, July). Now I am learning again for my visit in October. The best way to learn a language is to live in the country and "speak" and listen every day. Your course is a great help to bring more structure in my knowledge of the language. With kind regards, André (Neubiberg, Germany)

I am using your grammar and cd and it is wonderful! Mary (Ardmore, PA, USA)

I love your course and have recommended it to others. The only problem I have is time. My work, etc. keeps me from spending the time I need to learn more from your great course; though, I study a little everyday and that helps my confidence. I am going to Brazil inOctober (Eu adoro o Brasil). I hope to have some basic knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese by then. Muito Obrigado! Jeff (Seattle, WA, USA)

We find the course excellent having spent a couple of weeks in Portugal to put our toes in the water, so to speak! Regards, Ian (Hesleden, Co Durham, England)

O livro e CD rom sao muito bons. The CD is great, I love it. I feel that this is where I am really making the progress. I am working through it after reading the book. I am almost done with the first section. It has been slow, but my life is very busy.  My goal is to finish it this year. I have been speaking with some Brazilian colleagues at work and reading "Quatro Rodas", "Epoca Negocios", and "Veja" which is helping me as well. Thank you for putting such a concise resource together. John  (North Wales, PA, USA)

Yes, I received and currently studying your CD. It is very good ... much like your book... I do like hearing the pronunciation... I need that... anyway... I am going through the CD slowly... Great Job! Tim (Old Hickory, TN, USA)

I have only just started to use your course, but I love the way you can go at your own pace. I have found the pronunciation wonderful. Also doing a beginners Portuguese course at evening college, but I find this better as Brazilian wording. It is source of learning that I will always be able to use and to refer back to. Thank you, Barbara (Fleet, Hamshi re, UK)

I find your course very good and easy to follow. Thank you, Joe (New Providence, New Jersey, USA)

Eu comprei seu livro + cd faz 3 meses. Eu gostaria de dizer obrigado por voce ter escrito um livro tao util. Cordiais Saudaçoes, Barbaros (Istanbul, Turkey)

I really like your CD and book. They especially help me to learn the verb forms. Thank you for making your CD and book available at such a reasonable price. I am enjoying learning Portuguese even though I find the pronunciation very challenging. I thought it wouldn't be difficult because I already speak fluent French and Spanish. Portuguese pronunciation, I find, is much more difficult. But I try to practice a little bit every day! James (Milwaukee, USA)

I have received the package and have done the first 5 lessons and find it very useful. Ciao Jerry (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I like your course CD! I am learning with it, I need to really practice between lessons, or within the same lesson, so I make study cards with verb tenses and conjugations, and I use your grammar book for that. The two definitely work well together! I am making good progress (and I have not even been able to access the audio files -due to my computer) I am on lesson 11 and look forward to completing the rest of the program. I think it is particularly valuable to do the interactive exercises, and to have the grammar book to refer to in order to get complete conjugations of the verbs, and explanations. I am impressed with and appreciative of the work that you have put into creating this program. Thank-you! Absolute best wishes and abraços! Julie (Geneseo, NY, USA)

I am pleased so far, and I am up to lesson 5. I try to do about one lesson/week. Até logo. Philip (Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia)

I like the book and CD a lot. It is well organized and a good introduction for beginners; but also a convenient course for self-study and review by intermediate level speakers. Good grammar books are hard to come by. This one is very useful. I like the examples. The CD is of course particularly helpful for improvement of pronunciation, which for me, is a big challenge. Muito obrigado, Art (Miami, Florida, USA)

I am enjoying the course. The pronunciation section is very good. Regards, Keith (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

Actually I was going to contact you and let you know just how much I am enjoying this CD. I am going on to lesson six at the moment because I don't move past a lesson until I can get 95% or higher on the exercises at least three times in a row. It's strange but when I talk on the phone to my Brazilian friends I can't really understand them and I can't seem to think of what to say. But when I am actually in person with them I can almost carry on a conversation if they talk slow. I'm studying so much now that I sometimes daydream and have a full conversation with myself in Portuguese but on the phone my mind goes blank. I don't understand it. But I am really enjoying my studies. Muito obrigado, Tory (Southampton, Bermuda)

Your book is very handy because it gives me a good overview about the Portuguese grammar. I just have been on holidays to Brazil, but I didn't make much free time to study Portuguese. But in order to communicate I had to speak Portuguese and I had already a little base. I loved to speak Portuguese again and the brasileira's too of course. My goal is to move to Brazil in 1-2 years so your CD and book will help me a lot to improve my Portuguese. Tchau, Willem (Groningen, Holland)

I have recommended your materials to others and to your website. Your book is the ONLY way to really understand how the language is constructed but I tend to find myself wanting to bite off too much at a time and wanting to master the language too fast and cramming is not best I know.Your book and CD Rom have been a God send for me...I appreciate your efforts. Randy (Villa Rica, GA, USA)

Meu marido adorou, o Portugues dele esta otimo, ele tem aprendido bastante. Obrigada, Ana Paula (San Diego, California, USA)

I love the CD and have done 20 lessons. I should have done more lessons by now but as with all self study courses it is hard to maintain a regular pace. The interactive exercises are great and I have really enjoyed doing them. I consider the book more of a reference book on grammar and I have not much need to use it. We are off to Brazil in December for 5 weeks when I would get a lot of opportunities to practice conversation. Kind Regards, Parviz (Guildford, Surrey, UK)

I enjoy the CD-ROM course and grammar book. Congratulations for putting together a great program. I had to take a couple trips, took the grammar book, but am just now getting into the lessons (after going through the pronunciations) so its a bit early for a full report. But I like it and would recommend it!Mike (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

Seu programa é maravilhoso. Eu tenho aprendido muito. Um abração! Ronald (Montgomery, Alabam, USA)

Well things are progressing slowly I am your typically stupid one language Englishman !!!!! I have used the book and cd-rom extensively in the lessons that I am taking privately and I keep surprising my Brazilian wife with the odd phrase every now and again. Thanks for producing a very useful course. David (Haarlem, Holland)

I'm enjoying the cd very much its taking me longer than I would like because I'm learning Spanish at the same time, I want to try to be equal but some times I devote more time to one than the other. Overall my Portuguese has improved tremendously, my Portuguese speaking friends have noticed the difference which makes me want to keep going. Hopefully I'll be taking a trip to Brazil next year and I hope that by then I will have completed the course and will just be going back for reference purposes. Adeus e obrigado, Timothy (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

I like the course very much! It has everything all in one place for anyone who wishes to study this beautiful language and I highly recommend it. I really appreciate the depth you go into with the subjunctive. George (Roswell, GA, USA)

The Book + CD-ROM are very helpful indeed. Me and my Wife Elizabeth aren't able to pronounce to well but hopefully in time that will come, but it makes it a lot easier to understand, then again we don't have too much time to study, because we are full time truckers. We Thank you for your effort in getting the course to us. Gerhard & Elizabeth (Wheatly, Ontario, Canada)

I have completed up to Lesson 15. I have had some projects and commitments that have taken time away. A big plus of your exercises is the ease of doing them repeatedly until I get them right. I feel a lot more confident/competent using your materials than those I started with. I consider those others almost a waste of time and money. Thank you, Marc (USA, Nashville, TN)

Today I got your CD-ROM Course. I have navigated around for some hours and I'm impressed. What a hell of work it must have been to make the course. Nice layout, good examples and the audio files seem to function well. Yes I think that I'm my wife will learn some Portuguese for our next trip to Pipa in November. Obrigado, Jan and Ylva (Gävle, Sweden)

We are so pleased with the course material that you have prepared. I am finding it very helpful and my husband has been "dipping" into it too. Abracos,Andrea (Blind River, Ontario, Canada)

I just started using the CD rom a couple of weeks ago. I go over the lessons with my wife at my side and we are finding it a very useful and entertaining way to learn. Nils (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)

Your course is very useful up till now. I spend at least three hours studying a week on the course. Now I am finishing lesson 8. I notice that I have to practice a lot to remember/ understand everything, but it is very worth it. The combination CD + Book is very good and I cannot do without actually. Last June I went to Brazil, for work and I spent some time with minha namorada. Up till now I like Brazil a lot. Especially the people, the way of life and the circumstances. There I could notice that your course is very useful. I my case I spent a lot of time with locals so I learned a lot. Later on I will probably have some questions, but I have to say that till now your course is explaining very well. (of course I also get some feedback from my girlfriend). For me it is very good and I am still motivated to continue, perhaps I will try my next email in Portuguese :) Boa noite e muito obrigado. Roy (Losser, Holland)

Your course is great!! It turns out all my plans have changed, and my trip has been put off… so I've lost a bit of motivation to study!! However, the course is definitely still a good one and I hope to finish it one day. I have been enjoying it - learning a lot. Thank you. Amanda (Timaru, New Zealand)

Thanks for the quick delivery. I have already installed the course and I am satisfied so far ... Kindest regards, Jan (Gotemburgo, Sweden)

Primeiramente, eu quero te agradecer pelo seu curso de CD. Eu comprei o seu curso quase um ano atras, e ainda o uso. Ajudou-me muito, e continua a me ajudar todo dia. Sem seu curso, acho que eu nao poderia falar portugues como agora. Eu nunca fiz um curso, mas passei um ano no Brasil, e usei o seu curso para aprender falar (como os brasileiros mesmos falam). Tem muitas dicas importantes nele, que sao muito uteis. Eu nao posso te agradecer bastante. Boa sorte com tudo. Jeff (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Compramos o curso com a finalidade de aprender um pouco mais e ensinar o Português para algumas pessoas que queriam aprender. O método utilizado neste CD-Rom é único, e nunca conseguimos um curso que fosse tão completo e ao mesmo tempo tão fácil de aprender. Obrigado Sônia, pela dedicação, você nos ajudou muito e com isso podemos ajudar outras pessoas. Indico 100% esse curso para qualquer pessoa que queira realmente aprender de forma divertida e fácil. Aldelson (Fall River, MA, USA)

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