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Testimonials for Portuguese Grammar Book

I would like to share more comments I received over the years from people who have bought my Portuguese Grammar book in the past and I'm really happy to know that my book has helped so many people. 

“If you know the grammar rules, it will be easier for you to fully understand how the language is structured.”

Portuguese Grammar is a complete, concise and practical reference for beginners to advanced students. It is 2 books in 1 - Portuguese Essential Grammar & All About Portuguese Verbs.

1. English

I received your book and it is wonderful. I use it every day. Thanks again for the book. It is worth much more than the price you are asking for it. When you have other materials for sale, please let me know. Thank you, George (Roswell, USA)

I am using your book and can only say how happy I am to have such a great resource. I take the book to the farm in Gravata on the weekends and it is encouraging as people are noticing that I am becoming more fluent by the week. Thanks for the help Sonia, Gary (Recife, Brazil)

Many thanks... the book is fantastic! It is helping me a lot to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Ian (London, England)

Your book is one of the most comprehensive grammar books I have ever encountered. I really like it. Let me know when you publish the other ones. Thanks!Ivonne (Alexandria, USA)

It's the best Grammar book I have found on Brazilian Portuguese. I use it every day and in fact have thrown out the grammar books I was using (American Authors). I hope that you expand on it in the future and maybe include a section on Brazilian colloquialisms. Thanks a lot. Noel (São Paulo, Brazil)

I showed your book to the other students and the teacher in my Portuguese class, they were all very impressed. Your book contains everything we have taken in class, but it is in one place, easy to find, easy to read and easy to understand.. Thank you very much, I love the book... Murray (Calgary, Canada)

Just wanted to thank you for the Portuguese Grammar book-it is definitely the best I've had so far. I like the way you present some forms of speech as erroneous, while including them because that's how people actually speak in Brazil. I am really very happy with the book. Hopefully next time I can write this in proper Portuguese! Um abraco, Noyah (New York City, USA)

I think your book is the best grammar book for Brazilian Portuguese. It is well constructed and presented, straight to the point, with useful examples. I wish I could find something similar for the other languages I am studying. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Frederic (London, England)

I like it very much. It's clear, well organized, and very practical. There are very few books to help a Portuguese language student, and I wish it also had more examples and exercises. I have found another book to help me with that, but it is like trying to learn with two different approaches. I prefer your approach, however. Thank you, Sonia! Michael (New York City, USA)

Your web site is one of the best, by the way! And the book is really good as well. I’ve already worked through Pimsleur’s Portuguese I through III, and have learned bastante português, but the book covers verbs better than the Pimsleur course ever could. The “extra” information sprinkled throughout the book, such as the usage notes, tips, facts about how the language is used in Brazil, etc… are really helpful and unique to your course. I might order the CD soon. Thanks a lot! Dave (Stowe, PA, USA)

I've read much of the grammar book and it has been very helpful. I have learned some new ways to say things that I was never taught withPimsleur/Rosetta. Jason (San Francisco, CA, USA)

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your book, and wow, its amazing. Seriously, its the best book i have found yet and i was wondering if you are selling any other books yet? Please email me back, Thanks a lot. Tyler (Eau Claire, WI, USA)

I bought your book quite a while ago, but I really haven't used it until recently - because... I am now living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil! I am here for one year and am right now studying Portuguese with a tutor. Your book has been very helpful as a reference, and for clearing up things that we can't figure out! I would recommend your book highly to anyone studying Portuguese - especially in Brasil! We'll see just how helpful it is in a month or so when we start getting to the really hard parts of the language! Thank you so much - I'm glad I was able to find out about your book! God bless, Jamie (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

I love your book. It's been more than helpful. It's been essential. Thanks again for all your help. Ronald (Deer Field Beach, FL, USA)

This is the best book I have ever used. Very easy to use. Straight forward. Thanks, Carolyn (Florianópolis, SC, Brazil)

Your book has been quite helpful. I have recommended it to several friends who are studying Portuguese. Your book is very in depth and will be a great help in my efforts to learn the language. At any rate, your material is well worth the cost. I have used your grammar book in my studies and have found it to be tremendously helpful. I had purchased the Rosetta Stone course before I found your grammar book and decided to continue with it but I now feel that your course would help me to move forward in my studies. I go to Brazil at least once a year to help in some mission works and have been using what I learned to communicate. Thanks, Thomas (Ocala, FL, USA)

Your grammar book is a big help to you may recall my order, I bought two. One for me & one for my professora particular. She finds it very helpful as well. I use your book to gain an understanding of the topics covered in class. For me, it is a wonderful resource. During my sessions with my tutor, we clarify the concepts, use them in exercises that she designs, & practice my pronunciations through conversation. Love your book & am telling many people about it. It is a wonderful resource & is a great help to me. Um Abraço, Denzil (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

This purchase was well worth the money. It is a very useful and concise source. You have organized the information very sensibly and logically so it's very easy to find what I'm looking for. I use it frequently as a backup when I am reading or doing homework. David (Berkerley, CA, USA)

I received the book over the weekend, and I can tell that it will help me a lot. It has already helped me to understand some things that I haven’t found explained anywhere else. You have obviously done a lot of teaching, because you understand the need to explain the basics that native speakers take for granted. Your Portuguese Grammar book has been a great resource for me, particularly the use of verbs and passive/active voices. I haven’t seen this information presented in such a clear and understandable way. Foi otimo! Adoro o seu site tambem. Abraços, Bob (North Hollywood, CA, USA)

I like the book very much. I have many books on Portuguese and even one other grammar book. But this one is clearly more useful. This answers many questions I've had but was unable to get a clear answer on from other books. The one thing that has frustrated and eluded me before your book was a clear comparison of verb conjugations between English and Portuguese. It's been a really long since I've studied English grammar so a summarized table is very useful. You summarize these nicely on page 145. Also, the section on Words Easily Confused or Misused is excellent. Many of these I know but I had to find them through many sources. Thanks, Andy (Hollis, NH, USA)

Your grammar is excellent and answers a lot of questions that other grammars do not. In particular the verb lists and declension tables are of great use. Best regards, Graham (Tokyo, Japan)

I love your book and my son likes it a lot also. I let my Portuguese tutor look at it and she thought it was a very good book also. Thanks a lot. Nancy (Matawan, NJ, USA)

Your grammar book is more than the best. I have been through about 4 others and yours is the best by far... So much info and the little nuances that lead to fluency... I actually bought your grammar book to be able to ask you a million questions on the Brazilian language using your Message Board on your web page. Well I am only up to page 67 already, I have had only one question (re: quentinho); and I have another question but need to refresh myself before I bring that question to your message board. Your Grammar Book makes the study of Brazilian Portuguese an easy task and will educate both the newcomer and the those wanting to perfect their use of Brazilian Portuguese. So what am I saying here about your book? Your book is the most wonderful,comprehensive, clearly explanatory language book I have ever read and studied. Not only are the grammar lessons perfectly unfolding; but at the same time you are teaching us a million new words I have not heard before. While I can write letters, etc., and only use the dicionario a few times per page... your grammar book is providing me the challenge of many daily spoken words and phrases I had never heard before or could not understand not having enough prior grammar lessons to depend on. Being self taught is difficult but having lived in Rio and can pronounce your language like a Carioca does give me some advantage. Now if only I could transplant myself to Brazil a few times a year to use this study I love so much. You are a tremendous benefit to those of us Brazilophiles. And letting us interact with you on the net on a daily basis is a gift certainly from your heart. Just bring me some samba, bossa, feijoada, and a caipirinha and I'll be OK waiting to board my flight to Antonio Carlos Jobim. 'brigado e um beijo, Jay (Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii)

Thank you for your book! I have tried several Portuguese course books before but never gained a solid understanding of the grammar which is a key to mastering a foreign language. Your book does just that: it thoroughly and with examples explains Portuguese grammar. A lot of my questions have been answered and I know that you are always happy to help through your web site. Thank you very much and good luck with your other projects! Vadim (New Hampshire, USA)

The book is great! I particularly like the table of verbs by different tenses in both the active and passive voice. Every now and again, I have little bursts of really concentrating on it. The confidence with which you use grammatical terms in both English and Portuguese is really impressive. I know that when I spot an area of grammar that I’m struggling with I can get help from your book. I will continue to use it for some time. Many thanks, Kiri (Nottingham, UK)

I wanted to let you know how much your grammar book has helped me in my quest for learning Brazilian Portuguese. I have only been studying the language independently for about 8 months now. Since I have been using your book over the last 3 months, I feel I have progressed at a much faster rate. I was using an audio cd course which is good for pronunciation and basic speaking skills, but I was totally lost with the grammatical structure. I was just learning some conversational phrases by memorizing and repetition. Your book opened the door for understanding how Portuguese is structured. Even though I still find a lot of the rules of grammar to be very complex, your explanations and examples are clear and really easy to read! I have another "essential" Portuguese grammar book that is not nearly as helpful, and at times, I think is confusing. Yours is absolutely comprehensive! So far, there is almost nothing that I have had a question about, that I haven't found an answer for somewhere in the book. It's really much more than just a grammar book, it's more like a course in Portuguese. I also use a cd rom course (expensive!) that I was committed to before I discovered you and your website. Again, it's helpful in some things like vocabulary and reading skills, but nothing is really explained. Without your book, I think I'd be a bit frustrated. Sonia, you have a gift for teaching the wonderful language of Brazil! I know I speak for many people when I say thank you for such great work! Abracos, Kevin (Upper Montclair, New Jersey, USA)

Thanks for the prompt dispatch of the grammar book. I've had a chance to look at several sections now and I'm sure I will find it very helpful. It is, indeed, just what I was looking for at this stage in my studies. May I congratulate you on the clear way you explain things, as for example in the use of the various tenses, the many examples and the clarity of the lay out in general. Brian (Tauton, Somerset, UK)

The book is great, really helping me with my Portuguese, the Veb section I refer to all the time. It has helped me to greatly improve my language skills here in Brasil. Thank you and God Bless, Rev. Richard (Rio Maria,Pará, Brazil)

Got your book several weeks ago and I love it! You have addressed the material in a way that gives not only the necessary grammar but also explains many of the "why is it this way and not that way" kinds of questions that I had but none of the other books bothered to answer. I showed it to my Portuguese tutor and he was very impressed as well. Congratulations on a job well done! Mike (Pearl River, USA)

I received your grammar a week ago, a very short 6 days from Honk Kong to Montreal, Canada - very diligent and efficient. It is very, very impressive work - Parabens! I can only hope that your course material is progressing as you were planning, because you will have a client here for sure. Everyone out there, you have to get this grammar - I hope I had put my hand on something that clear and useful during my previous language courses in Spanish and Italian. Tchau! Marc (Montreal, Canada)

I read thru the book quickly the first time to get an overview and now I am going back and spending more time with the details. This is by far the best book on Portuguese that I have come across. It is wonderfully helpful and well done. Even the drawings are done very well. A person can easily tell that a ton of time, effort and organization went into this project. Sonia, you and all who were involved with this book did an extraordinary job. I highly recommend this book without reservation. Your book will take months or years off the learning curve. Again, your book is fantastic and I learned about it on your website, which is also great. Many thanks and best of luck to everyone. Rick (Neaple, USA)

The book has been very helpful. Loved Salvador and will be going back in 2008 which I hope to be speaking more fluently. The grammar book is very helpful and easy to understand. I'll let you know when I can purchase your CD. I highly recommend it to beginners and those who are looking for a good base of Brazilian Portuguese. Obrigada, Sandra (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

My father really appreciated the book and so did his instructor, so much so that he asked me to buy another book for him. Thanks a lot. Rupan (New Delhi, India)

Your book AND your website have both been very helpful to me in my efforts to learn Portuguese. I would recommend them both very highly to anyone trying to learn the Portuguese language. If you write any more books please let me know. Muito obrigado, Bernie (Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

Your book is a delight, it is a very helpful and a important tool for any teacher, making clear and simple the task of teaching Portuguese. Ana (Sydney, Australia)

The book is terrific! I met my girlfriend at college (Syracuse University in New York). She is a Carioca herself. I wanted to learn the language in order to be able to communicate with her and her family, not to mention the locals when I finally return to Brazil. This book has taken me a long a way since I began learning. Muito obrigado! Sincerely, Justin (Syracuse, NY, USA)

I have been traveling to Brazil for 5 years, doing mission trips. I have learned some Portuguese and your book is awesome and has been very helpful. It is laid out very well and easy to follow, muito obrigada. Naseem (Concord, NC, USA)

I've been using your Portuguese grammar book since last spring and have found it to be well organized and easy to follow. It is full of the most important information without being overwhelming. The examples have been most helpful to my comprehension. I wish that you were nearby so that I could have lessons with you... I'm sure that you're a wonderful teacher! And, of course, I'm a fan of your Web site. It is the finest I've found. I went to Brazil in August and within a few days, felt more at ease with the language thanks in large part to your generous resources. Muito obrigada and keep up the good work! Marjorie (Washington, DC, USA)

Your book is fantastic. The way you present the material and the fact that you reference the English equivalent to the material are perfect for my learning style. It is exactly how I would have wished the format to be. Thank you. Ron (San Francisco, CA, USA)

I find your grammar book very helpful and it is always by my side when I am working on my Portuguese. At this stage in my studies, it is mainly the section on verbs that I need to refer to frequently. I read in some other book that Portuguese does not have many irregular verbs. Perhaps it is true that the number of highly irregular verbs is not great compared to other languages, but there do seem to be a great many with minor irregularities that can be confusing to the beginner.  You deal with them all very clearly. I have recently been caught by 'cuspir - ele cospe' and 'valer - valha'. In both cases your book quickly showed me what was going on and helped me on my way. Regards, Brian (Tauton, Somerset, UK)

I adore your Portuguese grammar book! It is by far the best reference I have. It is clear, easy to understand. I am hoping to visit a friend in Sao Paulo, and I have had trouble finding good Portuguese learning resources in the US, beyond the basic series of language tapes. Your book is both more practical and "user friendly" than any other grammar book I have used. Thank-you for all of the work you put into the book, and for the beautiful website that you have created also. I am definitely interested in your CD course, please let me know when it becomes available. I would recommend to anyone interested in learning Portuguese that they buy your book! Thank-you again! Sincerely, Juliea (Portland, USA)

I've just started using your book and I must tell you - it's great! The way you explain the grammar is very clear and simple . I study Portuguese myself (with some help from Tadeu) and so far I could not find any book to be useful for self-study. Thank to the internet I found your page (which I recon is great too) and my problem was solved. Thank you again , I regularly visit you page and if you ever write another book I'll be the first one to buy. Warm regards, Beata (London , England)

The book is great, it's simple and clear. There are a lot of materials to learn, however I am tackling at it one at a time. Hope to somewhat perfect my Portuguese grammar using your book. It's one of the better grammar books out there! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Heeyon (Port Moody, BC, Canada)

The grammar book is wonderful, of course. It’s arranged in such an uncluttered manner, and the little illustrations make it a real pleasure to use. When I am able, I want to get the full course. I have a real problem here because I have no one to speak with, so I have to rely on various tapes I have, and even Brazilian internet radio once in a while. Thanks for providing me with a really great tool to begin learning your beautiful language. I hope you’ll be getting an order from me soon. God bless you. Padre Teodoro (Erie, USA)

I just returned from my trip from Goiania and your book has really helped me. With the combination of your book and actually spending time in Brazil I now speak more Brazilian Portuguese than I ever thought I would. Thank you so much! Your book is awesome!! I would recommend Portuguese Grammar to anyone wanting to learn Brazilian Portuguese or just brushing up on what they already know! Thanks and regards, Jason (Beaulaville, USA)

Well, for the little time I have been able to use the book, I thought it was quite good. The reason I have used it so little is, shortly after received the book, I found a Brazilian student who is in my city on a student visa. I have hired him for conversational practice. I showed him your book and he thinks it is better than the book he had been using to teach Portuguese, so he keeps borrowing it from me. He will be returning to Brazil shortly and I plan on giving him the book as a present, so I will be ordering another soon. My initial impressions are good. The book is well organized, the explanations clear and, more importantly, your examples are very good. When I get a chance to spend more time with the book, perhaps I will write more. Abraços, Tom (Portland, USA)

Your book has been very helpful. Best regards, Øyvind (Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

Your book has been very useful. It is very practical and easy to use. I began learning Portuguese using Pimsleur's cassettes and quickly realized the limits to that program. While it gets one "into" the language very quickly, I recognized the need for an understanding of the grammar in order to more aggressively leverage what I learned from the Pimsleur program. Your book is exactly what I needed! My only suggestion is that occasionally I need to look up a word (i.e., verb!). It would be most useful if you provided an index of words with the pages on which they appear for those times when I use it for a quick reference instead of as a text book. I wish you well deserved success in the sales of your book. Please let me know when your text book is available. Best regards, Michael (Austin, USA)

Your book is excellent. It is making me realize how much I have forgotten about *English* grammar. It was the missing link between the Pimsleur tapes I began the study of Portuguese with, and the dictionaries and "501 Portuguese verbs" style books I already had purchased. I look forward to the release of your course, if the quality of your book is any indication it should be great! Thanks, Joseph (Dallas, USA)

I like the book. I especially like the tables you have in the book... I pick it up and study frequently... Having the English next to the Portuguese is great!... keeps me from looking up words... which save me a lot of time. One suggestion is the book dimensional size. It is sometimes difficult to open the book up in small/tight places... por exemplo.. airplanes seats... To summarize... it is the only Portuguese grammar book I now use. Thanks, Tim (Manaus, Brazil)

I have found your book to be very useful, and I think that your explanations of grammatical rules are much better than other materials that are available commercially. Danny (Houston, USA)

Your book has been EXTREMELY helpful! Having the irregular verbs in has been a lifesaver. Muito obrigada! Alice (Louisville, USA)

I really like your Grammar book in particular, it is well laid out and explains things simply and works well with my other books. I am going to Brazil in 3 weeks and your book will go with me. PS. I like your website, I like the new words and examples you give. Kind regards, Ingrid (Melbourne, Australia)

Book has been great so far, It is very easy to follow and the examples that you use on the book as to pronunciation etc. it's wonderful. I am very happy to of ordered from you and my students love the book as well. In fact, I have just ordered another five books from you to supply to my students. Love the book. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Maria (Bethehem, USA)

I have found your grammar book very helpful. I look into it almost every day. Kindest regards, Jan (Gottemburg, Sweden)

Your grammar book is great for learning by myself. The book explains the grammar very clearly. But I did not use it all the time because I took some classed in NY and Rio. Taking class was good for a conversation. Now I go back to your book for learning by myself. Your grammar book is the best for me. I just love Brazilian music and also I am falling love in Rio de Janeiro. The nature in Rio is amazing. Kumiko (New York, USA)

The book is great. I enjoy learning Portuguese so much. And the book is so clear and easy to use. In the summer, when I have a break from my studies, I will really get into studying it. Thank you. Heather (West Chester, USA)

I bought your Portuguese grammar book, and I think it is great. Thanks, Rob (Santa Barbara, USA) 

I was quite impressed with the book as well as your ability to get it to me in Curitiba so fast. My Brazilian fiancee, who is a university English professor, also thought that the book was an excellent teaching tool. In particular, I liked the numerous phrases and examples of usage. You can never have enough of those. The book was very well organized, and I really use it as a reference. Words like Nossa!, Super Legal!, and Puxa Vida! were really handy in real life. Bill (Curitiba, Brazil)

Recebi o livro ontem. Obrigado. A couple of years ago I did an evening class. One of the problems I experienced was my inability/unwillingness to say anything in Portuguese, unless I was sure what I was saying was pretty much grammatically correct. Learning grammar does not seem to be fashionable in language courses. Even after just an initial glance, your book seems far superior to anything else I have seen, and should give me more confidence to speak the language... The Grammar book has indeed been very useful. I have spent some time on Pronouns (Part 1 chapter 14) which I have found difficult in the past. It is a lot clearer now. I am trying to start on the Verbs section when I've got one or two thing out of the way. One or two grammar points spring to mind, I will probably start using your message board in a few weeks time when I've progressed a bit further. My focus at the moment is to try and find more reading material at my level so that I can test what I'm learning and speed up my translation times. Kind regards, Steven (Cheltenham, UK)

YOUR Portuguese grammar book is the best that I discovered. I like your Portuguese Grammar book much better than what was out there on the market. Erika (USA)

I like the grammar book very much. It is very helpful to read your comments and tips on why, exceptions to rules, etc. I have recommended it to the people at our church on our Brazil mission team. I have used it to advantage for the (very basic!) Brazilian class I'm leading for some of the mission team members and other interested people. The adjective section has been great. Your grammar book is by far the most helpful we have seen. Your understanding of the way English-speaking people need to learn Brazilian Portuguese is a big factor in that. Best wishes, Becky (Beaver, USA)

I have found your grammar book to ve very helpful and very detailed. I am still trying to get accustomed to the different verbs and I need to learn more words. I have found that I am able to speak better (not correct but enough so that some people understand what I am trying to say. It is still extremely difficult for me to understand people when they are talking to me though. Thanks, Tory (Southampton, Bermuda)

I found your Portuguese Grammar book to be very informative and concise. I have really been enlighten by it. It has given me a greater insight of thePortuguese language. I am happy that I found out about your grammar book by browsing on the internet for a good Portuguese grammar book. Curtis (Carson, USA)

When I received the book I sat down and immediately spent two hours with it. It is very well organized. I showed it to my Portuguese instructor who also liked it and may order a copy. The book answers just about all of my questions. I might suggest the addition of tudo/todo to the frequently confused words list. Thanks for writing a great book. I'll send any other suggestions as I think of them. Best regards, Jim (São José dos Campos, Brazil)

Thank you for sending the book promptly. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is laid out in an orderly way and the explanations are very insightful. I will be glad to hear of your plans for an online class. Well, please keep me informed regarding any new instructional material. Best regards,James (Southampton, USA)

Your book has certainly been helpful in answering questions and providing examples of usage. I will try to write more soon, as there are a few more comments I would like to make, but meanwhile I want you to know that overall I think your book is excellent, especially as a supplement to other methods of learning the language. The illustrations are charming too! With best wishes, Mary (Minneapolis, USA)

I really enjoy your book and only thought it appropriate to purchase the CD course if I want to continue my language studies. Sincerely, John (Alpahretta, GA, USA)

I do like the book and would recommend it to others interested in learning Portuguese. Although I was not able to complete the book before my recent trip to Brazil, I was surprised by how much Portuguese I understood. Sometimes I understood complete conversations. I could speak a little. Beth (Smithville, USA)

I got your book yesterday and I want to thank you very much for it. I like its simple, straight to the point approach. Good for self-studying especially for those who have little time. My only comment is that I wish there were more example sentences particularly on the current "colloquial" Brazilian usage of certain words. All in all a great, recommendable book. Gene (New York, USA)

I have reached to page 56 and I think it is the best book I have seen. Excellent that everything is explained in English. I have seen other books, where they explain in Portuguese. How can I understand that? Regards, Ulf (Tietê, Brazil)

Thank you for the book. So far I have found it very useful and insightful. It explains basic through to the more complex issues, that I previously found quite confusing. And thank you for your on going interest. As I continue to work my way through the book, I will let you know how I find it. Robyn (Claremont Meadows, Australia)

I think your book and web-site are wonderful! I have researched and used other books and yours is by far the best! My boyfriend, who is a Carioca, and I visited Brazil this past December and I never so badly wanted to learn Portuguese. I had taken a couple short classes so I understood a little. Upon returning, I wanted to find better tools for learning. I found your web-site and book and I think both are very well done. They explain in detail so that I could understand what it is I am reading. Since this is my first foreign language I need as much detail as I can get! I am still working with it so wish me luck!Shannon (San Diego, USA)

Just wanting to tell you know that I'm enjoying and finding useful your book that I bought recently. Michael (Esher, England)

The book is excellent! I would recommend it to everyone learning Portuguese. Thank you for the book. Obrigado!! Lee (Wuakegan, IL. USA)

I have a friend who recommended your book to me. I admitted that your book is very good, useful and easy to understand especially with the English on the side. Parabens on your succeed. Nongluck, (Brazil, São Paulo, SP)

Just received your book. Just what I'm looking for. Makes things very clear and lots of examples and phrases. Thanks, Joel (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

I really like your grammar book. Blessings, Amy (Buena Vista, USA)

Your grammar book has been really helpful. I have friends who live and work with Brazilians, and while they know more words than I do, I have a head start on how to form proper sentences and have a better understanding of word genders and verb forms. The main reason I didn't get the whole package at the start was because I didn't have a computer at home, and would not be able to use the program at work. However, now I do have a home computer and I'm saving up for the cd-rom. I visit your site every week, I think it's fantastic! The songs and recipes are my favourite part. Keep up the great work! Muito obrigada! (Biloela, Australia)

It is an excellent book just what I was looking for. Thanks, Paul (Hammonton, USA)

We are very impressed with your book, it is excellent! We also like the easy-to-understand format. Regards, Ross & Lydia (Peterborough, UK)

Your book has been an enormous help and I can't tell you how happy I am that I bought it. Before I bought your book was using a conversation guide for tourists and a big dictionary. I learned a lot of expressions and vocabulary but my understanding of grammar was as muddled as can be. Your book clearly and thoroughly explained all the points of grammar and has really advanced my understanding of the language. The only way it can be improved would be to add exercises with answers, but, on second thought, this would interfere with the use of the book as a straight reference guide. I am definitely interested purchasing the other books on Brazilian Portuguese mentioned on your website and would like to be notified of their availability. Much appreciation and many thanks! Emily (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Terrific! I will be in Sao Paulo for the next 3 weeks and plan to use what I've learned. Many thanks! Delin  (Kennesaw, GA, USA)

Your book is very good. I feel like I can already read Portuguese. It is kind of amazing how much I can read Portuguese by using your book. But of course, I still have a way to go. I try to study it at least 4 days a week... 30 minutes in the morning when I am riding the bus to work, and 30 minutes in the evening when I come home on the bus. Your book is easy to use and thorough. I really have not been able to use the CD as of yet because my evenings after work are kind of busy. But I should begin to have time to use the CD very soon. Now that I have a basic understanding of how to read (and write) Portuguese, I am excited to use the CD in order to speak it as well. I cannot wait to go back to Brazil and use what I have learned. Obrigado. Patrick (Jacksonville, FL, USA)

I am two-thirds of the way through your textbook. It is well-written, very informative with ample examples. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to begin learning Portuguese. Sincerely, Barry (Westerly, Rhode Island, USA)

I have been very happy with the grammar book please keep me informed of any new books. Many thanks, Barry (London, UK)

I loved the book! It was very helpful, easy to follow and well organized. Thank you, Ivette (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

I think that your Portuguese Grammar book is useful. When I have any difficulties, I can refer to the book. Sometimes I can also use it as a reference book. After the lesson, I can check it so it gives me a better understanding. In your book, I can find lots of examples which give me some ideas to make more sentences. I think your book is easy to use and helps me a lot. Maggie (Hong Kong, China)

After leaving Brasil over three decades ago and losing almost the entire contact with the language, I found myself tripping on a few basic rules and graphic punctuation. However, thanks to a copy of Sonia's Portuguese Grammar recently received, I am retrieving the lost skills. Obrigado, Sonia! Desejo-lhe muito sucesso em suas atividades pedagógicas. Flavio (California, USA)

Since we were working on the 'old' grammar book the improvements you did for the 'new' version of the Portuguese Grammar - A complete, concise and practical reference, are truly splendid. Yes, I am using now ONLY the 'new' version (yellow book). Be very happy with the logical sequence you used for structuring each section, the easy to follow tables of Portuguese verb conjunctions and complete presentation on Portuguese grammar. A real reference - OTIMO!!! On our next International Women's Club meeting here in POA, I for sure will introduce your 'new' Portuguese Grammar book to the members. I wish they all will enjoy learning Brazilian-Portuguese as I did while helped a lot by your enthusiasm and friendship. Abracos Gabriella (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

I LOVE your book and congratulate you on the accomplishment. You have worked so hard on this, and I think that it is a job well done. Kim (Belmont, USA)

I must congratulate you on your site and your books. It is a great introduction to the Portuguese language but I find it more practical to use your wonderfully arranged, comprehensive books as a reference. I wish I had these books when I was trying to learn the language and do a job at the same time. If I had, I feel I would have progressed more quickly with less effort. I still need a little more study to confidently write in Portuguese. Parabens, Obrigado. Ed (Hong Kong, China)

2. Portuguese

Quero em primeiro lugar parabenizá-la pelo excelente trabalho realizado. Sua gramática tem me ajudado bastante, e posso afirmar que é a melhor do gênero. O jeito que você compara as duas línguas, lado a lado, ajuda muito meus alunos a ter uma melhor compreensão da gramática portuguesa. Gostei muito da sua gramática, já conhecia muitas gramáticas de português para estrangeiros e nenhuma é tão completa, prática e BRASILEIRA como a sua! Não sei como seu livro não está nas prateleiras das livrarias no Brasil, todos os alunos de português que lá estudam ficariam eternamente gratos se pudessem ter acesso a uma ferramenta como essa. Já adotei sua gramática como parte do meu material. Muito obrigado, Marcelo (Chicago, IL, USA)

Pelo que eu já li do livro, só posso te dizer que fico orgulhoso em saber que temos um material nesse nível em nosso país. Realmente é uma pena seu livro não estar nas prateleiras de todas as livrarias. Porém se você investir em divulgação isso será questão de tempo... Todos deveriam ter conhecimento de seus materiais. Muito Obrigado! Abraços! Vinicius (Americo Brasiliense, SP, Brazil)  

Eu gosto muito do seu livro, eu uso seu livro muito, estou no brasil agora e seu livro é ótimo, por isso eu posso escrever este email em português. Muito Obrigado. Kevin (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Eu acho que o seu livro grammatico é excelente! É claro, bem organizado, e presenta os varios assuntos em um ordem muito logico. Gosto muito deste livro, e vou recomendar para uma amiga brasileira que da aulas no português aqui no California. Ainda nâo acabo de ler o livro entero, mas estou progredindo! Obrigado, Tony (Berkeley, USA)

Seu Livro é muito bom e eu já apprendi muito. Eu estudei muitos livros diferentes, e seu é o melhor. Há tres mezes aqui e eu estou endendo quase 70 percent, mais ou menus. Obrigado pelo sua ajuda, Tchao, Zak (São José do Rio Preto, Brazil)

Eu gosto muito de seu livro. Seu livro me convenceu comprar o CD. Eu tenho outros livros, mas são muito complicados e escritos 100% no português. Eu gosto realmente de como você apresenta o "material". Obrigado, Alain (Beaver Bank, Canada)

Eu gosto do seu livro - ele tem me ajudado muito, especialmente as secções sobre pronomes. Abraços, Russel (Peterborough, UK)

Rob está gostando muito do seu livro. Ele está estudando praticamente sozinho e tem progredido muito, especialmente com os verbos. A forma de apresentação dos tópicos é muito clara e objetiva e os exemplos são muito úteis. Rob considera seu livro o melhor de todos que ele adquiriu para estudar a gramática do Português, mas acha que seus conhecimentos prévios sobre o idioma o ajudaram na compreensão. Sem dúvida seu livro merece ser melhor divulgado no Brasil, pois acreditamos que atualmente há um grande público para ele. Um abraço, Teresa (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Recebi o livro hoje. Obrigada. A primeira vista parece excelente, um otimo index, pontos de gramatica bem explicados, ilustracoes muito bonitinhas. Com mais tempo escrevo novamente para voce. Abracos, Rosana. - Adorei o seu livro, ja fiz anuncio na minha aula, aguarde que outras pessoas vao entrar em contacto com voce. Acho que voce conseguiu organisar muito bem as licoes, gosto da introducao, voce cobre em detalhes a pronuncia, os acentos, etc.. Tambem, com a sua experiencia, voce consegue adivinhar as perguntinhas dos alunos que estao comecando a estudar portugues e entao a sequencia e muito logica. Congratulations! Rosana (London, UK)

Gostei muito do seu livro "Portuguese Grammar". Sempre tive problemas com os verbos, mas seu livro esta me ajudando muito. Boa sorte com seu novo curso pelo internet, uma otima idea! Ewe, Southport, UK)

Meus parabéns pelo belo trabalho, que testemunha de uma larga experiência no ensino do português para estrangeiros. Gostaríamos de ficar informados sobre novas publicações suas. Pe. Zeca, CENFI (Brasília, Brazil)

Apenas lei pelo seu livro. Muito bom, claro e lógico. Não vi muitas diferencas da lingua que aprendi em Lisboa, as formas estar a fazer o estar fazendo é uma coisa e com certeza o vocabulario. A exposicão sobre os verbos até o fim do livro é muito practica. A falta da forma tu do português continental não faz nada, para mim é mais irritante a presencia da segunda pessoa plural, nunca aprendida por mim, na grammatica de Hutchinson-Lloyd. O português brasileiro deve ser uma lingua muito racional com poucas versões dos verbos. Saudacões da Suecia Per-Olof (Kramfors, Sweden)

I sure wish that I would have had your book a couple of years ago when I came to Brazil; it would have saved me sooooo much time, and so so so many mistakes! Andrew (Barbacena, MG, Brazil)

Ainda nao tive oportunidade de sentar para ver com calma seu livro. Mas quero lhe dar mais uma vez os parabens pelo excelente trabalho que voce realizou. A capa esta divina, com as cores do nosso maravilhoso Brasil. Andrea (Pennsylvania, USA)

Tenho usado o livro sim e tem sido muito util para mim. Nao tinha ideia como seria dificil para os alunos entenderem como é e está. No seu livro encontrei uma grande ajuda de como explicar o uso destas duas palavras. A sua gramática é realmente muito boa. Simples e clara. Acredito que usarei muito mais agora no nivel dois em diante. Estou adorando e muito, muito obrigada pelas dicas e pelo livro. Espero que consiga publicar o livro texto breve. Precisamos de materiais simples, claro e num preco bom. Andreia (Belle Vernon, USA)

Seu livro esta sendo utilizado no momento como apoio e pesquisas pelos professores. Neto, Bra'ziw Language School (Bauru, Brazil)

Bem, como você percebeu, fiz "propaganda" de seu livro na universidade. Eu o estou usando como referência. Os exemplos são bem práticos. Eu tenho alunos que freqüentemente visitam seu site. Um abraço, Ana Clotilde (Louisville, USA)

Recebi o livro. Achei muito interessante. Abraços, Adelson (Aracaju, Brazil)

3. German

Ich arbeite schon begeistert mit ihrem Buch, das mir schon viele Fragen beantwortet hat! Besonders gut finde ich die detaillierte Unterscheidung der einzelnen Zeiten und Verben - aber da muss ich noch einiges lernen! Ich habe das Buch auch meiner Freundin gezeigt, die sehr gut Englisch spricht und Portugiesisch-Unterricht für Ausländer gibt. Sie würde das Buch auch gerne bestellen. Annette (Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil)

Deine Grammatik "Portuguese Grammar" benutze ich erfolgreich zum Verbessern meiner Portugiesischkenntnisse (und auch Englischkenntnisse). Sie ist sehr empfehlenswert für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Sie is sowohl für das Selbststudium wie auch für den Unterricht mit Erwachsenen und Schülern geeignet. Die Grammatik erfasst Probleme der Portugiesischen Sprache und hilft meine schon guten Sprachkenntnisse noch weiter zu vertiefen. Inge (Hong Kong, China)