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This course will teach you how to use the most common basic Portuguese verb tenses used in everyday conversation

50 Essential Portuguese Verbs & BasicTenses

  • Are you struggling to understand how to use Portuguese verbs? 

  • Grab This Course Now!

    And be more confident when using verbs and have a firm grasp of the basic tenses.

    50 Essential Portuguese Verbs & Basic Tenses is a video driven course designed for those who are learning Portuguese as a second language and who want to learn how to use Portuguese verbs effectively.

    In this course you will learn 50 essential verbs and basic tenses used in everyday conversation. 

    Presented in 13 bite-size, animated video lessons, this course is excellent for visual learners. Each lesson ends with a summary and a link to a quiz, which will access your knowledge and how well you have understood the lesson. 

    Through this course, you will have a good understanding of verbs and you will be able to communicate better in Portuguese. You will have a firm grasp of the basic grammatical tenses.

    Hope you will enjoy this course. 

    Happy learning! 

      This course will help you

    • Learn 50 essential Portuguese verbs

    • Learn most common tenses used everyday

    • Communicate better in Portuguese

    US$ 29.99

    (only for 6 months access)

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    Who is this course for? 

    This course is for beginners to intermediate students who 

  • Are struggling with understanding how to use verbs 

  • Want to master how to use verbs effectively

  • Want to be more confident when using verbs  

  • Want to have a firm grasp of the basic tenses

  • Just want to have a quick review of verbs and tenses

  • Communicate better in Portuguese

  • What you will learn in 50 Essential Portuguese Verbs & Tenses course

    In this course you will learn 50 essential Portuguese verbs and the most common tenses used in everyday conversation.

    • 50 Essential Portuguese Verbs

    • Overview

    • Present, Past and Future Tenses

    • Present and Past Continuous

    • Verb "To be" and Verb "To go"

    • Irregular Verbs

    • Time Expressions

    • Review

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